4 Cadogan Lane

For The Love Of Judy director Corinna Tomrley wrote about her first visit to 4 Cadogan Lane, Judy Garland’s last home. The article appeared in Civilian, where Tomrley is a regular contributor.

Judy and Mickey Cadogan Lane

Corinna will return to 4 Cadogan Lane, for the film, and hopefully gain access to the inside. A guide to Judy’s London will follow on this blog as Corinna visits the various places across the captial that held significance for Garland.


One thought on “4 Cadogan Lane

  1. In January 2014, my best buddy “toured” Judy’s home just as the wrecking crew was immersed in the task of imminent demolition. Use Google to search the sale price–millions of £–perhaps £4,000+ per square foot. The front door was open, and Mary pleaded with supervisor to see the flat’s interior, explaining #4 was the former home of Judy Garland. Apparently none of the crew possessed knowledge of #4’s history and provenance. Armed with her cell phone, Mary snapped pics throughout the cottage–downstairs and up, including the living room, two bedrooms and the infamous upstairs bath that Mickey Deans describes in WEEP NO MORE, MY LADY. I doubt anything upstairs had changed since Judy occupied the home–wallpaper, etc. The pictures offer a “window” into Judy’s final months. I visited #4 March 1989. This may sound ridiculous but please stay with me: THE HOME VIBRATED WITH THE OTHERWORLDLY AURA OF JUDY; her essence/presence was fairly palpable. I have another friend who made the pilgrimage to #4 during the late ’70s. Cadogan Lane was still a stable enclave with residents ensconced since the early ’60s. Joe knocked on neighbors’ doors and asked about Judy. They did, in fact, remember Judy and Mickey and proffered vivid impressions–most of which included stories of Judy’s volatility, i.e. late-night and/or early morning fights with Mickey Deans. Once I left Harrod’s (I think it was Harrod’s), I really didn’t need a map to #4. The magnetic pull guiding my feet was unlike anything I had ever experienced. FYI, Judy’s home will be transformed into a PRIVATE multi-story garage (with hydrolic lift) fit for a Russian oligarch’s car collection.

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