For The Love of Judy!

For The Love of Judy:

A journey into the queer, camp, tragic legend of Miss Garland

A multimedia project by Corinna Tomrley

Artist Corinna Tomrley embarked on a journey into the specific appeal of Judy Garland, for those who favour her seemingly tragic life story and the high camp of her performance. She explored why this attraction is particularly queer and why this side of the Garland legend strongly appeals to queer folks.

For The Love of Judy is a multimedia project consisting of art works, writing (reflections, analysis, and interviews), and a film. All mediums come together, pieces of a jigsaw that are the investigation into a fascination with Judy Garland from a very particular, queer perspective.

Corinna Tomrley is an artist who primarily works in acrylic, collage, and film. She is subeditor of Loverboy magazine and writes for Loverboy, Civilian, Stargayzing and The Ethel Mermaids. She holds a PhD in women’s studies, MAs in social research and popular culture, and got her BA at film school.

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